Youth Shooting Skills

Ideal training plan for boys and girls from 8 to 11 years old
Period: June 23 – June 29, 2024

Specialized training plan on the technique of performing every form of shoot, adapted to the young age.

It is a quality coaching plan through which athletes will know how to become better offensive players.

Achieving the basket is one of the main goals of every athlete in basketball and this is something that must be developed from an early age through a systematic and applied training method, this is exactly the part that young athletes will work on.

EOBC coaching team is working on a constant renewal of knowledge in the science of coaching.
Our goal is to meet the expectation of young athletes who seek their athletic development and success.

The EOBC coaching team, aware of the role it plays in the athletic development of children, works on a continuous renewal of applied knowledge in the science of coaching, with the aim of meeting the expectations of young athletes seeking the path of athletic development and success.
*Each athlete who participates in the EOBC goes through a technical skill level evaluation process in order to be included in the training plan and group that fits their athletic profile and needs.

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