Elite Offensive and
Defensive Skills

Ideal training plan for boys and girls from 14 to 18 years old
Period: July 14 – July 20, 2024

The evolution of basketball and modern sport requires the development of high skills in both offensive and defensive form.

The athlete who knows and can apply these skills within the competitive process is a valuable athlete with high potential.

EOBC for the first time in Greece integrates in the framework of a camp the defensive skills and knowledge that the modern young basketball player must possess.

The Elite Offensive & Defensive Skills Camp is a model training plan that includes skills in both the defensive and offensive parts through an interactive training process that will help athletes improve their individual technique on both sides of the court.

  • Basic defensive technique & footwork
  • Defensive ball positioning
  • Defensive positioning assistance
  • Defensive rotation awareness in defence
  • High pressure handling skills
  • Scoring under pressure
  • Finishing and variations after penetration (finishing in the paint)
  • Avoiding the opponent with or without the ball / creating a shooting distance
  • Developing coordination of technique and field of vision
  • The first step and the advantage it offers to the attacker / defensive positioning and action.
  • How to deal with a taller defender or a taller striker.
  • Advanced finishing moves and proper body positioning to block the defender or defensive help (advanced finishing moves)
  • The mental preparation of an athlete who wants to feel threatening to the opposing defense.
  • How top athletes create an advantage over their opponents.

The Elite Offensive & Defensive Skills Camp, is for athletes who want to prepare for their next step and have competitive experience

EOBC coaching team is working on a constant renewal of knowledge in the science of coaching.
Our goal is to meet the expectation of young athletes who seek their athletic development and success.

The EOBC coaching team, aware of the role it plays in the athletic development of children, works on a continuous renewal of applied knowledge in the science of coaching, with the aim of meeting the expectations of young athletes seeking the path of athletic development and success.
*Each athlete who participates in the EOBC goes through a technical skill level evaluation process in order to be included in the training plan and group that fits their athletic profile and needs.

For any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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