EOBC is in constant renewal and continues to offer pilot specialized in skills training plans

Consistency, endurance over the years, continuous innovation, and adaptation to the rapid evolution of basketball, international recognition and participation of athletes from all over the world, are the highest proof of the authentic Olympia Basketball Camp, which is undoubtedly among the two top training camps in Europe.

The principles of training progressions in EOBC


  • Ball handling and dribbling

  • Shooting Skills and shooting in game like situations

  • Foot work

  • Rebounding

  • Finishing skills


  • Floor spacing

  • Movement off of a screen

  • 1-on-1 attacking and defense

  • Ball penetration


  • Increase speed/agility

  • Build explosive power

  • Increase endurance and aerobic capacity

  • Reduce chance of injury


  • Reading a defense

  • Managing fast break situations

  • Post moves (high and low post)

  • Running a team as a point guard

  • Creating your shot and help defense


  • Learn mental toughness and discipline

  • Build player confidence

  • Superior focus

  • Game preparation

  • Improved attitude

The Structural elements make the difference and give high quality to the OBC:
  • High specialization of the training plans Enables us to adapt training flexibility to the needs of each athlete.
  • Skills assessment determines the plan each athlete will participate in to provide the best training intervention.
  • Each training plan has unique specifications and limited athlete participation.
  • The High quality accommodation and the organizational structure offer the optimal flow of the process

The strict training sequence.

The technical instructions

The systematic guidance

The mental and physical preparation of the children

Lead to the improvement and development of the skills that each child possesses individually.

In the place that gave birth to the sporting ideal, Ancient Olympia, this international coaching event gives children the opportunity to broaden their perspective in the magical world of basketball and at the same time live an unforgettable experience

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