EOBC's goal is to provide young athletes with the best possible coaching intervention.

This is the reason why before the final enrollment in the training plans each athlete is evaluated in relation to the level of technical skills they possess.

In this way, we ensure that each athlete will receive the training approach necessary for him, while at the same time we ensure the high quality of the specifications that each training plan has.

Training groups are separated based on skill level, training experience and finally the age range to which each young athlete belongs.

The process evolves as follows:

  1. In each participation application, the athlete completes his sports profile himself, describing his main characteristics as an athlete, his experience, while at the same time he tells us about his expectations and goals in the sport of basketball. This process is for us an important tool both for the athlete's self-image and for basic personality characteristics that we will work with during the program.

  2. We then conduct a technical skills assessment of the athlete to determine the skill level and individual training needs of each child. In case the child resides outside of Athens or abroad, the individual skills assessment process is conducted via videos of either matches or training after consultation with the EOBC technical director.

Specialized training plans. Why specialization? What is their qualitative difference?

The training plans at the Eurohoops Olympia Basketall Camp are a total of 10 different scientifically structured programs that aim to offer our athletes the maximum possible improvement during the transitional summer period in both individual technical and technical position pieces.

Through the systematic selection of the training plan based on the skill level and the particular needs of each child, the specifications of each plan and the targeted training stimuli, we manage to develop the best possible training approach to our athletes.

Training plans last 7 days.

Training groups have a ratio of usually 1 coach to 6 or 8 athletes, depending on the age group.

Each athlete can follow the same or a different training plan if they wish, continuing for a 2nd 7-day at EOBC.

The specialized training plans have a high training intensity and the quality specifications of the training are strictly followed.

Through this process, each athlete receives rich training stimuli and at the same time learns the way and function of high-demand training.

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