• Athletes must adhere to the daily schedule on and off the field announced by their coaches.

  • Children must behave in a dignified manner in their daily interactions with their teammates and coaches.

  • To try to properly maintain common quiet hours.

  • To arrive at the predetermined time at the table for their breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  • Attendance in the dining room or in any other area must be conducted with respect for the area and fellow athletes.

  • Each athlete must take care under the supervision of the coaches of both his diet and his daily rest in order to be able to train properly and at the same time protect his proper physical function.

  • Children - athletes, have a limited space where they can move freely, any other movement must be done under the supervision of their coaches.

  • Children sleep every night after 11.00, with no exceptions. (evening walk in the city of Olympia).

  • It is forbidden to use mobile phones or other electronic gaming devices (tablets) both during the hours they sleep and during the hours they eat.

  • In the event that a child has refused to follow his nutritional plan, he usually stays out of training, if this continues, his parents are immediately informed and the next move is decided.

  • The children in the room are supervised by the responsible coaches who are also responsible for any need that may arise

  • Children are not allowed to move into the rooms of other athletes. This should only be done with the approval of those in charge or the technical director.

  • The athletes are accompanied by the training team on every outing or movement

  • The use of the pool by children is prohibited, except during the hours when the program provides for the use of the pool.

  • During the hours when the children have a pool, the responsible coaches, the medical staff and the lifeguard of the camp must be present in the pool.

  • Our medical staff takes care of every health incident and the athlete's family is informed about each case.

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