The EOBC stands with a lot of responsibility and respect towards every young athlete it undertakes, both at the level of its sports training and at the level of its daily living and care.

The hotel that is the base of EOBC, is called Olympic Village Resort, and is located approximately 400m from the center of Olympia.

We mark the location as it appears on google maps.,21.627367/@37.650403,21.627367,16z?hl=en

The telephone center of the hotel is as follows: 2624022211 -12

Through this phone you will be able to communicate directly with your child's accommodation room (14.30 – 15.30 or 21.30 – 22.45).

The arrival of the athletes takes place on the day of the start of each period and the athletes should be at the hotel from 12.30 - 14.00, so that the last necessary registration procedures can be carried out.

The training program actually starts the same afternoon at around 18.00, so it is desirable that the athletes have all had lunch together and have the opportunity to take a lunch break before the start of training.

Each athlete upon his arrival at the camp will choose with which fellow athletes or friends he wants to share his accommodation, the Camp manager has the final decision on the composition of each room or changing it for reasons of safety or smooth living.

Every athlete must hand over to our medical team the document of the Athlete's Health Card.

Athletes will be transported to the indoor stadiums daily by Olympic Village coach, always accompanied by our training and medical team.

In the sports center of Olympia, the children move around on foot since it is only 100 m from our place of residence.

The care and guidance of the children is undertaken by the coaching team, which is responsible for the smooth living of the children, providing them with every help and advice at every level.)

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